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The following general information about Israel balloon flight . You can fly as a group, on a private flight or purchase a gift certificate . More of our flight packages .

What is a Champagne Flight?
Champagne Flight Free Flight is the open sky . It is so called because the end of which are launching glasses of champagne - World balloon pilots tradition .

Champagne Flight suited to anyone looking for a unique and memorable - couples , families , groups of friends, companies and organizations...

RIZE UP offers you many flight packages and invites you to choose the right package just for you and give yourself and those you love supreme gift of a lifetime !

Opened a new day , the wind blowing lightly, energy creation in progress. Against the background of the rising sun would take off and scouted the country's landscapes from above .

Flight duration and pace of the spirit , between forty minutes and an hour and a half , and the whole experience will last three to five hours, depending on the package you select.

Where are we going ?
Usually flights are carried out in the Jezreel Valley , between Mount Gilboa Tabor . Spectacular flight area , a special flora and fauna of the area and ensures a surprising experience and breathtaking . In addition, the unique climate of the valley and its surface area become the ideal balloon flight experience .

When we fly ?
Most months of the year, we fly at dawn , when a wind provides perfect conditions for take-off , flight and landing .

You'll be happy to know that the activity in which the sun rises and a new day opened, expanding the heart and helps to relieve stress. These magical moments of a new beginning , easy to remember dreams come true , every day .

And here are some more important things we know
All passengers are safety briefing before boarding to ensure a pleasant and safer
Champagne Flights are not intended for children under six
Champagne Flights are not suitable for pregnant women
People suffering from a medical condition are committed to notify the staff upon booking your flight has been to make sure that their health does not prevent them from participating
Do not bring weapons of any kind as flight
There is wear closed shoes . We recommend wearing a hat. Winter and transitional seasons should come from the top hot.
Increase in the balloon basket with only minimal equipment . We strongly recommend that you bring a camera and a bottle of water. Should avoid any additional equipment.

Flight time!

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