Business Department

RIZE UP offers a variety of options to take you to the height. Our event managers will be happy to help you choose the perfect plan for you and accompany you along the way.

You will be interested in:

Business class flights - the perfect gift for employees, retirees, visitors, customers and other selected ...
Seminars and varied fun days - Activity Purpose built quality customized especially for you.
Advertising, marketing and promotion using one balloon or balloon festivals - the hottest item in the business!
Night Glow - spectacular fire performances - specializing exclusively to RIZE UP.
Flights and installations Fiesta - anchored balloon flights, optimized for any occasion.
Festivals and sponsorships - RIZE UP leader in producing Balloon Festival in Israel.

With fifteen years of experience produced, hundreds of companies and thousands of customers who return to us again and again, we at RIZE UP already know: People will forget what you said, people will forget even what you did, but they never forget how you made them feel.

RIZE UP, commercial airline oldest and largest in the country to fly balloons, daily fulfills the dream and vision of hundreds of leading organizations worldwide and invites you to enjoy the innovation, creativity and our professionalism.

If you own a business, human resource managers or producers of events, you'll probably break your head often, how and what to give to employees, visitors or your customers.

You do not want another pretty good gift, you want a memorable gift. You do not feel like another day of fun nice but casual, you want a heavenly one-time event!

RIZE UP here for you with a huge range of possibilities and opportunities that supreme experience it again!
RIZE UP specializes in launching flights experience for individuals, small groups or multiple groups of participants and producing premium events - fun days, formulation, promotion and more.

Exclusive personal attention and our high level of service, uncompromising professionalism, treating each event unique and special, the feeling of your interest and our common - all these factors our customers choose us, every time.

Our experienced staff will be pleased to submit you an offer tailored also custom nature of the group, your goal and the selected concept together, so you can be confident that your company had chosen as high as possible!
Invite you to get to know the customers who are already working with us - the best measure of our success.

Our business staff will be happy to assist you over the phone 077-4500-282.

You are also invited to leave your details here and a member of RIZE UP will contact you within twenty-four hours!

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