About rize upOnce upon a time there were two people, who looked at the blue sky and dreamed a dream: to paint the sky in dozens of colors. They did not know yet realizing their dream will realize the dreams of thousands of thousands of other people...

Rize Up established in 2006 by Efi and Tal, with love and purpose, the RIZE UP - Airline pioneering , first of its kind in Israel , offering balloon flights to the public.

Since then RIZE UP continues to paint the sky, expand the heart and make dreams come true every day.

RIZE UP 's goal is to provide you with a superior experience and therefore operates according to the highest international standard there . The company owns five modern aircraft and spectacular . Wicker baskets of all balloon contain between 4 and up to 16 passengers ! The aircraft 's flying RIZE UP veteran and skilled pilots in Israel.

Seven years after its establishment, Epic , Phone RIZE UP and staff do not stop dreaming.

RIZE UP initiates and produces the best events and festivals Airport Balloon Land - " Gilboa above" , an annual festival that takes place in the spring Harod "tmna air " in Timna Park which rope if.

Pictures and information about festivals Balloon Festival will take place during Sukkot you can find here (soon).

Having founded the first company of its kind , a team RIZE UP continue to work to promote and establish the ballooning industry in Israel, with production collaborations with professionals from Israel and abroad and representatives of the Civil Aviation Authority.

In addition to private flights , crowded festivals and events magical RIZE UP produces corporate events , fun days and seminars , from concept to execution stage . The company's customers will find the Prime Minister's Office , banks , insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies , high-tech and senior management of the economy.

Stroll photo galleries and read our guest book , just before you will join us for the experience of a lifetime.

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