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Important! Please make sure all participants who ride the hot air balloon are aware of the following terms and condition. You express your consent to the terms and conditions by confirming the booking details, and by placing your payment.
The services of Rize Up Ltd. are provided, subject to your agreement to the terms and conditions. Should you disagree with any of these terms and conditions, you must promptly contact Rize Up Ltd. by phone, prior to providing any of our services.


1. Definitions

Service - Refers to the experience of riding the hot air balloon and to the variety of services offered by Rize Up Ltd., including accommodations, meals, and all other activities that are offered by the company as per each specific agreement.
Service Provider - Refers to Rize Up Ltd. or to any independent sub contractor who provides or forwards services in accordance with the terms and conditions agreed between yourself and Rize Up Ltd.
Child - Refers to any passenger who has not yet reached 12 years of age.
Passenger - Is any holder of a flight ticket and / or person who is scheduled to ride the balloon, be it the person who placed the order, or a person who is part of a group scheduled to fly.
Follower - Any person arriving at the flight site prior to takeoff, and / or at the landing site, and who is not a passenger.
Holidays - Refers to any holiday or day off (including "Chol HaMoed" - Jewish weekdays or festivity) which is considered by Rize Up Ltd. to be a day that is distinct from the rest of the year.


2. Liability and Insurance

Rize Up Ltd. is not liable for any circumstances that may result from delay or cancellation of flights. This includes, but is not restricted to, any direct or indirect damage or loss incurred, or that may be incurred, by customers.
Rize Up Ltd. may provide some or all of the services it offers, via sub-contractors. Rize Up Ltd. is not responsible for any damage that may occur due to service provided in this manor, any loss, injury or damage to persons or property. Rize Up Ltd. reserves the right to change the content of any product, activity and site, whenever it considers it necessary to do so. However, Rize Up Ltd. undertakes to provide services that are equal in value to the nature of service that was agreed upon. In order to remove any doubt, in case there is any claim for compensation against the balloon ride, the flight is subject to provisions of the flight laws of Israel and to the Warsaw convention. Liability of the company and / or any persons on behalf of the company, for death or personal injury of passengers, is limited in most cases to 8,300 Special Drawing Rights.
Rize Up Ltd. is insured, as required by law regarding companies operating under chapter 12 of the flight regulations, by an insurance policy that is approved by the Ministry of Transport and the Civil Aviation Authority. The insurance coverage is up to $100,000 for bodily damage per each passenger, and up to $250,000 for third party damage per each incident.


3. Changes and cancellations of booking

When a customer needs to cancel, for any reason whatsoever, a booked flight, the following charges will apply: 

In case of any change / cancellation of flight, that is made more than a week (7 days and more) prior to the date set for the flight - customer will be charged the registration fee, which is 25% of the full amount.
In case of any change / cancellation that is made between 7 days and 48 hours prior to the flight time, customer will be charged 50% of the full amount.
In case of any change / cancellation that are made within 48 hours of the flight time - customer will be charged the full amount.
Any cancellation or change on the part of the customer must be done by a written statement, sent by mail or e-mail to the company's office. Customer must be sure to receive confirmation as to receipt of the statement, from the company.
In case you do not show up for the flight at the set time and place, you will be charged the full amount. You may send another person in your place, but you must let us know in advance, including all the relevant details and be sure to have received our written confirmation for the change.
In case of any changes or cancellations for groups that are larger than 10 passengers, and / or for special flights - canceling terms will be determined by the agreement that will be made.
Rize Up Ltd. reserves the right to be more flexible with these terms. In some special circumstances, terms may vary in accordance with terms and conditions that will be specified on your order form.


4. Money cards, gift cards, vouchers, discount cards and club vouchers

All money cards, gift cards, vouchers, discount cards and club vouchers, are valid for a period of 12 months from purchase date, and / or as per the terms of each different club. Gift vouchers will be valid only after they are fully paid for. Money cards, discount cards and gift vouchers cannot be converted into cash and there will not be any full or partial reimbursement in exchange for them. Gift cards can be transferred to a different person and they remain valid throughout the dates originally indicated on them.
All terms and conditions regarding changes and cancellations (see paragraph 3) apply for flight that are booked, using money cards, gift cards, vouchers, discount cards and club vouchers. Accordingly, no part of the payment, even in case of cancellation, is refundable.
Customers in possession of a discount vouchers will enjoy the same flight experience and hot air balloon activities as enjoyed by any other customers, exactly as described to them at the time of purchase. Any additional benefits that were not indicated to the purchaser of the discount voucher will not be included.
Rize Up Ltd. reserves the right to assign seats for last minute passengers who are Gold and Platinum card holders, without this being considered discriminatory.
Customers holding discount vouchers, who want to use them on Fridays, Saturdays, Holidays, and during the months of July and August, must pay an additional amount ranging between NIS 150.00 and NIS 250.00, depending on the agreement between Rize Up Ltd., and the distributor of the vouchers.


5. Breakfast

After each champagne morning flight, we serve a rich luxurious breakfast. Each passenger is entitled to a breakfast that is included in the price of the flight, unless otherwise requested. Followers and friends can enjoy the breakfast as well, in accordance with paragraph No. 8 of these terms and conditions.
In case of a last minute flight cancellation on the site, the breakfast can still take place at the usual cost of NIS 55.00 per person (note: it is a dairy meal but it is not kosher certified. People who observe kosher rules are welcome to contact our office to hear about available alternatives). In the afternoon flights, no meal is served.


6. Weather conditions, technical examination, crew, and other safety conditions

Hot air balloon activities depend on suitable weather conditions for safe flights. Rize Up Ltd. is constantly kept informed and updated with weather conditions and forecasts for each flight. Flights are also contingent on the technical state of the balloon's equipment and systems, which are examined daily prior to each flight. Whenever any aspect of any of these or other conditions is estimated to be inappropriate, and the safety of the flight may be jeopardized, the flight will not take place as planned. No matter the cause of flight delay or cancellation, the paid amount will remain with Rize Up Ltd., as credit against an alternative flight that will take place at a different time that will be set. Rize Up Ltd. will not assume any liability whatsoever for any extra costs or damages, direct or indirect, that customers may incur due to cancellation or delay of a flight, such us: cost of traveling, accommodations, distress, or any other. Tourists from abroad must take into consideration short notice cancellations that may change their plans.
Weather conditions may also influence duration and route of the flight. The pilots of Rize Up Ltd. will do their very best to give every passenger the best possible flight experience in accordance with weather and wind conditions on that day. Safety is always the top priority in the pilot's decisions regarding flight duration and rout. Duration of each flight will be at least 30 minutes.

7. Re-booking a flight (after cancellation)
In case your flight was canceled due to unfitting weather conditions, please contact our office to schedule an alternative flight as soon as possible.
Payment received for the flight will remain with the company as credit for booking the new flight. The new flight must take place within no more than 12 months of the original flight.



Follower - Any person, 4 years of age or older, arriving at the flight site prior to takeoff, or at the landing site, and is not a Passenger (i.e. a person in possession of a flight ticket for that day). Each follower must be announced and confirmed within 48 hours of the flight. Rize Up Ltd. is not liable for any loss or damage suffered by any of the followers.
Followers, who are interested in joining the breakfast after the flight, must be confirmed at least 48 hours in advance, subject to the costs detailed in paragraph 5. Groups of followers larger than 4 people must be confirmed at least 72 hours in advance. Rize Up Ltd. can not undertake to provide service for any unconfirmed followers. In case of cancellation (within 48 hours before flight time), or in case passengers, or follower for whom a meal was ordered, fail to arrive, the person who placed the order will be charged with the full amount of NIs 55.00 per meal.


9. Your obligations

a. You are obliged to verify that you are in possession of the flight booking confirmation, the flight tickets, and the details regarding the flight. In case you are missing any of the above, please contact the office of Rize Up Ltd. as soon as possible, and prior to the time of your flight. In addition, it is your responsibility (as indicated in the booking terms / flight ticket), to call the pilot on duty, between 8:00PM and 9:00Pm of the evening before the flight, to receive final confirmation and instructions regarding the flight, the weather conditions, and the meeting time and place.
b. Safety - You must pay attention and obey any instructions and guidelines given by the pilot and flight crew, at all times during the activity. Please note that participating in the activity while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is strictly forbidden. The same applies for use of any medical drugs that may influence ones judgment.
c. You consent and are obliged to make sure that your health, as well as the health of your fellow participants, is in order and that there is no medical history which may be influenced by activity in a hot air balloon. Any person with a medical condition, or whose medical condition can be influenced as a result of participating in hot air balloon activities, is unable to participate. In case of such influence, Rize Up Ltd., its owners, and its employees, are not liable (special consideration must be taken regarding medical conditions such as orthopedic problems, heart, respiratory, pregnancy, and any condition that may be influenced by the nature of this activity).
d. You are responsible for any valuables or property taken with you on the flight.
e. Hot air balloon rides are a field activity and you must therefore be dressed in a fitting manner. Rize Up Ltd. is not responsible for any damage to clothing.
f. The meeting place and takeoff area of the flight are located out in the open where there are no security services. It is recommended to make sure any vehicle is safely locked. Rize Up Ltd., its owners and its employees, are not liable for any damage or loss that may occur to any vehicle, or any valuables that may be left in it on the site, during the flight time.
g. The customer confirms being aware of the fact that the time-frame for hot air balloon activities is very limited due to special weather conditions that are required and that takeoff usually takes place only during the early morning hours. Customers and passengers are therefore obliged to arrive right on time, at the meeting point that was determined by the pilot on duty / the office. Any passengers who arrive later than the time that was set for them are considered to have used their flight ticket. Any customers and / or passengers, who are late, will have no claim against Rize Up Ltd. due to arrival at the meeting point later than the time, which was indicated on the order confirmation that was e-mailed to customer.


Note: this agreement and these terms may change without prior notice (last update - November 2011). E&OE.

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